Engine Specifications

Engine Specifications for current engine production. AENLD, THD, VH4D, W4-1770, VG4D and V465D. Bore, stroke, displacement, horsepower at various rpms, torque,weight and more. Also you will find the factory's warranty policy on new engines and long blocks and our policy on our rebuilt engines and long block assemblies. We also buy old engine cores and have detailed the prices we will pay for old cores and applicable charges if you do not have a trade in when buying one of our rebuilt engines.

 Engine Specs Current Models
 THD & TJD 18 hp 2 cylinder
 VH4D 30 hp 4 cylinder
 W4-1770 35 hp 4 cylinder
 VG4D 37 hp 4 cylinder
 V465 65.9 HP 4 cylinder OHV
 warranty policy new & rebuilt
 engine core charges


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