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Engine Specifications
Engine Specifications for current engine production. AENLD, THD, VH4D, W4-1770, VG4D and V465D. Bore, stroke, displacement, horsepower at various rpms, torque,weight and more.

Also you will find the factory's warranty policy on new engines and long blocks and our policy on our rebuilt engines and long block assemblies.

We buy old engine cores and have detailed the prices we will pay for old cores and applicable charges if you do not have a trade in when buying one of our rebuilt engines.


Engines &
Long Blocks
For Sale
Single and multi cylinder engines for sale. AENL, BKN, TH & YTJD, VH4D, W4-1770, VG4d and V465D's.


Parts &
Operators, parts and repair manuals can be emailed to you in Adobe .pdf format or we can mail a printed copy if a .pdf manual is currently not available.

We offer hundreds of the most common fast moving parts at very attractive prices and our sales are geared towards the fleet owners of Wisconsin engines such as duct cleaning companies and saw cutting contractors. Our prices are based solely on volume and all parts meet or exceed factory specifications.

We have dozens of pictures of various parts to help you identify what part)(s) you have.


Technical Information
 We are adding pages to this section on a regular basis and have set this section up to answer the most commonly asked questions from our customers.

This includes fuel consumption when operated on gas and LPG, how to identify a Wisconsin engine, crankshaft identification guide, sound and pressure levels for the various engines and mufflers offered and much more.


History and Related Facts re Wisconsin Engines
This includes information on the original company in 1909 and the the purchase by V & L Tool in 2001. It also includes old engine models in chronological order, an article on the King Midget Cars, and much more.

This section is for the Wisconsin engine enthusiast.


Sales Literature
Over the Years
We are trying to assemble copies of as much of the old sales literature as we can find and put up on this site. Many times the only way we can find out any technical data on some of these old engine models is by studying old literature.

This section is going to take some time but we will add new items regularly. Also for the Wisconsin engine enthusiast. Do you have anything to add that you can send us? Check back often.



Due to the number of concrete sawing accounts we do business with we have added information on a local company that custom manufactures gensets specifically for the concrete cutting industry.

Newpower Equipment Company in Toronto, Ontario www.newpowerequipment.ca offers a variety of custom manufactured gas and diesel powered generators.


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